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Variable Portfolio FAQ

Post by craigr » Mon Apr 26, 2010 11:31 am

The Variable Portfolio is an optional component of the Permanent Portfolio strategy. This is a way for investors with some play money they can afford to lose to place their bets.

There are some basic rules for the Variable Portfolio outlined in this FAQ: ... portfolio/

Here they are in a nutshell just so everyone understands the difference between the Permanent Portfolio and Variable Portfolio:

1) It must be with money you can afford to lose.
2) You aren’t allowed to replenish the Variable Portfolio with money from the Permanent Portfolio if you lose it.
3) You can’t use margin or take other risks that could cause you to lose more money than you put into the Variable Portfolio investment.

The Permanent Portfolio is for money that is precious to you that you want to grow and protect. The Variable Portfolio is for money you can afford to lose if your bets go wrong.

It is perfectly OK to have 100% of your money in the Permanent Portfolio and no money at all in a Variable Portfolio. The Variable Portfolio is optional.

Fair warning: There is a lot of investing junk out in the world. It's cliche but true: There is no free lunch - AND - Anything that looks too good to be true probably is.

Use your head and don't outsmart yourself!
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