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We Need Central Planning More Than Ever Before

Posted: Wed Jun 30, 2021 1:23 pm
by tomfoolery
The right wing news media likes to portray the threat of a one-world government as scary and evil. You know what's scarier?

That California and Illinois and NYC have massive gun violence problems, in spite of very common sense gun control, because of the ease of getting guns across state lines in Arizona, Indiana and New Jersey, and taken to big cities to be used by white supremacists where the right wing media can say "look, gun control doesn't work!"

That Washington State and Oregon have 120 degree temperatures this week, the highest ever, in spite of having fantastic green energy initiatives because nearby states can freely burn coal and pollute the environment.

The reason we have climate crisis and gun violence crisis is because not everyone is playing by the same rulebook.

We need some central authority to guide how we all act since it effects everyone else. Otherwise it's just one giant Trump Fire Drill where everyone is going in different directions.